“Let’s start at the very beginning … “


A few years ago, I got really serious about what I ate. It started off being about weight loss and resulted in a passion for cleaner eating. However, it never occurred to me until recently that I should care as much about what I put on my body as I do what I put in my body. So I decided, like every other modern girl, to get down and dirty with Google and Pinterest research. But as artistic as I am, I’m not a very DIY or crafty girl. So many things I looked up have been handmade solutions. And I’ll be real. It isn’t that I’m too busy to make deodorants and perfumes and such; I just don’t have the desire. I want the same convenience I’ve always had. Thus, my transition into natural products has been a store-bought one. My main goals have been to avoid parabens and harsh chemicals, but the more natural, the better! This journey has been an expensive one full of trial and error, and to make my efforts be less in vain, I thought it would be great to share my adventures with other natural shopping enthusiasts.


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