“But I hope she smells my perfume”

I can’t really remember when I started to wear body sprays, but I can only assume it was in middle school. All I know is that once I stepped foot into Bath & Body Works for the first time, there was no going back. My  bathroom could have been confused with the store during their semi-annual sales. “Warm Vanilla Sugar,” “Country Apple,” Sweet Pea” yes … all of the classics. My presents from extended family even reflected my obsession. I remember overhearing my grandmother asking my mom what to get me for my birthday and hearing, “I know she likes that smelly stuff.”

Gotta love adorable grandmothers.

My first real perfume, gifted to me by my aunt, was Tommy Hilfiger’s “Tommy Girl”, and after that experience, body sprays all became sub-par in my eyes. My tween allowance did not allow for me to drop body sprays, of course, but it was pretty depressing to have to go back to something that wasn’t going to last after gym class. All of the money that I made from my high school job at Target pretty much went towards stocking up on Lilu by Pac Sun and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. A great investment, I know. I mean, senior year is full of the most important events of your life; you can’t go to prom smelling like “Warm Vanilla Sugar”!


Anyway, so, yeah, I’ve always really liked perfume. Since I have actually made perfume before (you do some fun stuff in Girl Scouts, man), I feel hella lazy buying a “natural” perfume, but I did it anyway. And I regret nothing.

The first Pacifica perfume I purchased was “Tuscan Blood Orange” because I had been in a citrus-y mood lately, and it smelled delicious. Honestly, after the first few days it was almost too delicious for me; I am someone who cannot smell too sugary sweet because that’s all I used to wear (lookin’ at you, “Warm Vanilla Sugar”). But if sweet and citrus are your thing, I definitely recommend this scent. I used the entire bottle and still use the roll on sometimes, and it was just so effective. The scent is strong, so you do not need to go overboard on the spritzing. And the perfume even lingered after an entire two and a half hour musical performance.

Just to make sure it wasn’t just the particular scent, I bought “Tahitian Gardenia” next. I have always loved gardenia (yes, I did have the Bath & Body Works one at one point), and this one was no exception. It is floral and feminine but also bright and clean. The staying power was strong with this scent as well. This perfume will probably become my new staple.

What I really like about Pacifica is that in terms of perfume it is pretty affordable ($22 per bottle, $15 per roll-on), and their products are available at a few places, including Target, Ulta, and Whole Foods, making them relatively accessible. Their products are Peta cruelty-free certified, vegan, gluten-free, and packaged in recyclable (and sometimes recycled) packaging. I probably should try some other “natural” perfume brands, but since I like this one so much, I don’t feel the need.


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