When you get a random text message from one of your best friends on the other side of the continent checking to make sure you are safe from the impeding storm, you know the snow storm is gonna be big. I’ve always loved snow and am blessed enough to have a part time job in which people’s lives are not in my hands, so adult snow days are no less exciting for me than the childhood ones. My family has pretty much prepped all week for the storm and completed grocery shopping, meal planning, filling our cars’ gas tanks (and the generator), and charging all of our electronic devices by Thursday evening.

We went to my little sister’s college orientation Friday with no problems, and of course after staring out my window for like an hour, the snow was steadily falling by the time I woke up from a nap around 4:30 pm. I took a few pictures because I wanted to get some before the sun went down, but the accumulation was not exciting yet.


Between 8 pm and 10 pm, however, was a completely different story:

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I woke up around 9 Saturday morning and GOOD LORD, THE WIND. The snow flakes were just as thick as they were Friday night, but the wind was really what made you feel like you were in a blizzard. My sister and I layered up to get some footage, but our journey was pretty short lived because aside from the mysterious level difference in the sidewalk, nothing had been plowed. Not that I was annoyed or anything; any attempts would have clearly been futile. But I was disappointed that I couldn’t get an updated picture of the backyard because I couldn’t get through the gate. Ah, well.

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That night I spent eating my mom’s homemade beef stew (mmm) and watching Unleasing Mr. Darcy on Hallmark Channel (feelings on that later) and finishing Lisa Kleypas’ Mine til Midnight which I was fully convinced I finished a little after midnight; I finished at 3:40 am. Oops.

snowmageddon saturday
Dashing through the Snow candle, fuzzy socks, and almond milk chai latte make for the coziest snow day!

The snow stopped on Sunday, which was sad aesthetically, but at a record 37 inches, it was more than time for it to end. With the sun out, the weather was pretty ideal for shoveling. My dad did the bulk of our driveway and a little further up, and I shoveled around and under my car and what was left under his car when he ventured to the nearby gas station. Pretty much only trucks were able to make their way through the neighborhood since nothing had been plowed, and no one would have been able to fully make it out of his or her driveway if not for our one very generous neighbor that has a snow blower (seriously, he’s a saint; he had to have been out there for at least four hours). Since I had been procrastinating this for literally years, I used Sunday as an opportunity to organize my sheet music so that I never have to go to another audition regretting that I did not bring a certain song with me. I’ll never make this mistake again. It took forever. I sincerely had no idea how much sheet music I actually had accumulated. And all I did was put all of it in sleeves and ordered them by decade. I realized I desperately need dividers so that I can actually see the decades and maybe some alphabet tabs so that I can alphabetize them as well. But at least significant progress has been made. And praise for Bride and Prejudice being on Netflix to keep me entertained. Also North and South. How have I not heard of that mini series or book before?! It is so up my alley. I finished the entire four hours in one sitting and am so stinkin’ in love.

snowmageddon sunday 2
Not even half of it.

Today, Monday, is the first day my mother and I ventured out via my dad’s truck. She had a hankering for some cabbage and I wanted to see if my getting to work tomorrow was a possibility (which it would have been if I left an hour ahead of time, but luckily the show was rescheduled)

snowmageddon sunday trek

After coming home with may more groceries than we planned, I went on a longer walk around the entire neighborhood because the snow and sunshine combination was too pretty.

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And on that note, I think it’s time for me to finish the book I started last night before Beverly Jenkins’ Forbidden and Eloisa James’ My American Dutchess drop on my Nook at midnight.






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