Happy Earth Day!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Use a reusable bag. Bring your own coffee mug. Carry a reusable water bottle. Shop second hand and local. Get outside. Be kind to your Earth. Remember small changes can have a big impact. – T Advertisements

Sunday Stills

My rehearsals this week. Supporting our Alma Mater’s show on alumni weekend. First frozen yogurt of the season! Happy Sunday! – T

Shop Small Saturday: Sea Essentials

As a blogger who is a “Buy Local” enthusiast, I feel like it’s practically my obligation to share the various local or small businesses that I love and enjoy. So once a month I will be posting a new segment off my blog I’m calling “Shop Small Saturday” in which I will feature a small business,…

Sunday Stills

Better late than never! Tech week mirror shot. Short-lived spring weather. Random winter in April. The only pulled pork I have ever liked, brought to you by my sister. Supporting friends’ shows. Happy Sunday! – T

Farmers’ Market Opening Day!

Cold or no cold (weather and illness), nothing was going to stop me from making it to opening day of my local farmers’ market. I was under slept and under caffeinated, but the rush of pulling into my usual parking space and seeing the familiar scene of white tents and a meandering crowd was enough…

Caboo, and Other Paper Products

Typically colds don’t inspire me to do much of anything, but today as I blew my nose and reminded myself, “This, too, shall pass,” I was inspired to write a post about the paper products I use. One of my favorite brands is Caboo, a company that makes paper products out of bamboo and sugar cane….

Sunday Stills

This is a fun little addition to my blog of pictures throughout the week of lovely parts of my week that didn’t require an entire post. Hope you all like this idea!   Bundt brand bundt pan in great condition from the thrift store! Very minimal Easter basket for my younger (and college aged) sister….

Zero-Waste Musings

I’m not a huge Netflix watcher. I know, I know, bad millennial. But I went so long hating it because it aided in the demise of my beloved Blockbuster that even after I started sharing accounts with my roommates or my boyfriend I usually forget it’s there. But just like everyone else, when I do…