Caboo, and Other Paper Products

Typically colds don’t inspire me to do much of anything, but today as I blew my nose and reminded myself, “This, too, shall pass,” I was inspired to write a post about the paper products I use.


One of my favorite brands is Caboo, a company that makes paper products out of bamboo and sugar cane. I had been buying Seventh Generation toilet paper for a little while (because as I have said before I am big on completing the recycling loop). I got a few gripes from the fam about it not being very soft, but as long as I beat anyone else to the grocery store, that was the toilet paper we were going to use. Every time I was in the TP aisle, though, this strangely tall packaged toilet paper would catch my eye. Eventually I took the time to look at it and saw that it was made from bamboo and sugar cane and claimed to be sustainable. It looked pretty soft, and since the packaging said all the right things, I put the Seventh Gen back and gave Caboo a shot. And it passed the family test! The toilet paper is much softer, and the price is nearly identical to what I was purchasing before. However, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a victim of “greenwashing” and looked up the company online. On the website’s main page is a video that perfectly explains why using bamboo and sugar cane paper is a more sustainable option than tree paper.

Needless to say I was super pumped that I was not being tricked and that a certain younger sibling of mine would no longer be giving our toilet paper the side eye. Caboo also sells paper towels, napkins, and tissue paper (my current bestie).

Other paper products that I like to use include:

  • Seventh Generation paper towels and napkins. Since texture isn’t important, I still use Seventh Gen with these products. Hopefully one day I will only use cloth for napkins and paper towels, but until then, this brand is awesome. The company is also Vermonth based. Yay, American businesses!
  • Daily Basics 100% Recycled Paper Towels. No link for these, unfortunately, but they are sold at Aldi, single rolls at $0.49 a pop. Such a crazy steal. Don’t underestimate your local Aldi, guys.
  • Chinet paper plates. I personally do not like using paper plates at home because I do not see the point when we have plenty of plates and a dishwasher. However, the fam all has differing opinions on that topic, so this is my compromise. Chinet is anotheer American company (Kansas based), and their plates are made from recylced materials that can be composted and are impressively sturdy and affordable. I’ve found these at Food Lion, Wegman’s, and Aldi, so I assume you can find Chinet products just about anywhere.

So there you have it, a glimpse into how I still try to save the world even when using disposables.

– T


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