Farmers’ Market Opening Day!


Cold or no cold (weather and illness), nothing was going to stop me from making it to opening day of my local farmers’ market. I was under slept and under caffeinated, but the rush of pulling into my usual parking space and seeing the familiar scene of white tents and a meandering crowd was enough to perk me up.


Since I had rehearsal in the morning, I was there super early and didn’t get to see every vendor, but I did get to see a few from whom I regularly buy and met some new ones. But the craziest part of the day was the fact that IT SNOWED! In April!

Photo cred: @belairfm

One minute it was drizzling, the next ice was descending, and finally we got big, fluffy, white snow. Most people I’m sure we’re annoyed, but I thought it was fun. And it didn’t stop me from getting my loot.


I got my usual potatoes, eggs, and coffee ($1 off because I used my KeepCup!). What’s new is the maple syrup purchased from the coffee shop stand that comes from a family farm in Vermont and the honey wheat bread, which I had gazed upon all last season but never got around to buying. Oh, and as a belated Arbor Day celebration, they were giving away 300 free baby trees, and I got two (for my mom; I have no green thumb). My parents already found new homes for them in our yard.

So it was a fantastic morning at the farmers’ market, and I’m so glad they’re back every Saturday. Go out to your local farmers’ market and support local and support small farmers!

– T


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