Shop Small Saturday: Sea Essentials

As a blogger who is a “Buy Local” enthusiast, I feel like it’s practically my obligation to share the various local or small businesses that I love and enjoy. So once a month I will be posting a new segment off my blog I’m calling “Shop Small Saturday” in which I will feature a small business, sometimes local to me and sometimes local to a place I visit or a small Etsy business.


I have the privalege of working with a pretty cool small business owner named Sarah Albrecht who has a soap company called Sea Essentials. Her soaps are literally the best handmade soaps I have ever smelled (no more longing for the days of Bath and Body Works), and they leave my dry, itchy skin feeling soft and healthy. She let me ask her a few questions so you all can get to know her and Sea Essentials!



How did you get started making soaps?

Making soaps and my own bath products wasn’t something I was actively thinking about and then one day I decided to do. I was really just scrolling through a recipe website one day (for dinner ideas), and for whatever reason, there was a recipe for bath bombs. I forgot all about making dinner when I realized I had all of the ingredients to make homemade bath bombs. It was really fun and it made me consider what other things I could make on my own. So I eventually moved on to soap and realized I was quite decent at it so I kept up with the hobby.

Where did the name Sea Essentials come from?

Sea is my initials (yes, my parents did that on purpose) and Essentials was probably just the best noun I could think of at the time. I remember when I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop, I had a few name ideas, but the ones I liked the best were already taken, and I have already forgotten what those names were. I guess you could say I settled for Sea Essentials, but now that I’ve had it for over two years, I definitely like it more. A few weeks ago I decided to add Soap Company after Sea Essentials on to my labels because I liked the idea of having a more descriptive name. Also, when you type Sea Essentials in to Google, you’re probably only going to get beach related results.


Not only do you sell soap, but you also sell bath bombs, bubble bars, and bubble bar powder. Anything else you plan on concocting in the near future?

I’v been working on handmade, knitted washcloths. I used to knit regularly when I was a kid, so I thought it would be a nice touch to sell with soaps. However, I haven’t listed any on Etsy yet because they take a pretty long time to make if I don’t have a few hours a week devoted to sitting down and knitting. So once I catch up on making and marketing my soaps, I will get back to making more washcloths.

I’ve dabbled in lotion bars and shampoo bars, but I don’t have recipes that are even close to something I would consider selling (my family usually reaps the benefits of all the extra products I have). I’ve also been trying to create some all natural deodorant. I’ve tested one recipe so far that I liked for myself, but there are a few things I would want to change before selling. But I hope to have some available in the very near future.

Name one fun fact about yourself (besides the fact that you make baller soaps)

Before I found my passion for soap making, I was a pretty avid hula hooper. I would spend hours in my room learning new tricks from YouTube. Most people don’t know, but there is a huge hooper community all across the world. And I’m happy to say that I was President of the hooping club at the University of Delaware for two years before graduating. I don’t hoop as much as I used to, but it’s definitely something I will never give up.


You can buy Sarah’s products at her SeaEssentials Etsy Shop

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