Zarbee’s Naturals (Review)

I haven’t reviewed anything on wellness on here yet, but as I’m in tech week, this seemed like the right time to do so.

im in tech


I was in Target today with the ambitious goal of solely buying paper towels and an eye shadow pallet (ha) and found myself perusing the medicine aisle. When you have been shopping green for a while, it’s amazing how your eyes will go straight to green (and, unfortunately, green-washed) products. Mine zeroed in on the Immune Support and Vitamin C Drink Mix. My obsession with keeping my immune system strong is real; I have Airborne dissolvables, Emergen-C chewables, and Emergen-C cider (quick review – don’t do it) all in my medicine cabinet. But I managed to justify buying Zarbee’s take on it because the ingredients were irresistible: honey powder, organic coconut sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, and stevia extract.

Next to the immune support drink mix were cough drops, which I almost didn’t buy. Singers have so many rules and theories and paranoia over them that I just stay away. But my mind kept playing the what-if-you-get-sick game, and after also reading these ingredients I took the plunge and added to my (spoiler) soon-to-be-full shopping cart.


Both of these products taste incredible. Stevia is not my favorite sweetener, but the honey in the Immune Support completely took over, and the mix tasted just like a Hi-C juice box, making it the most enjoyable immune system boosting drink I’ve had. The cough drops were also incredibly delicious, though since I am well, I can’t say completely if it would stop my coughing. But it was tasty and felt soothing on my throat. I whole hearted recommend both of these products and will be purchasing more from Zarbee’s in the future!

– T


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