Why Aldi is the bomb-diggety

When I was a kid, I was always excited when we took a trip to Aldi because going there meant we were getting some sort of German cookie for which my mother was feeling nostalgic (military family life) and because we had to jigsaw puzzle our loot into leftover boxes from the store. Now that I’m an adult and Aldi in turn has also blossomed, I love it so much more.

I can supply my collegiate-aged sister with healthy (and fake-healthy) snacks that would cost me my first unborn child at a conventional grocery store.

I don’t have to overpay for healthier, more nutrient dense options. In fact, I pay just as much (if not less depending on the grocery store) for organic soy or almond milk and any sort of grain heavy bread at Aldi as I do for standard cow’s milk and white bread.

I actually feel like their organic offerings expand every time I enter the store.

Every once in a while you find some low-key, like these recycled paper towels ($0.49 EACH.WHAT!) or Chinet paper plates which are also made from recycled paper and compostable.

Aldi is also seriously upping their Fair Trade game. They have a few different coffee options in whole bean or single serve cups as well as Fair Trade sugar.

Their international offerings. Enough said.

Bringing your own bags from home is actually encouraged. They do have paper and plastic bags, but you have to pay for them. And for the record, they sell reusable bags as well. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Seriously, everything I got at Aldi yesterday would have cost me/my family at least $60 at most grocery stores, but I paid a little over $30. I wouldn’t necessarily call Aldi a one-stop-shop, but especially if you are on a budget, it should always be your first-stop-shop.

– T


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