Fall 2016 Bucket List

I am a fall enthusiast.

I know pretty much everyone every says that, but I mean it. I love the crisp air, the knit sweaters, the cozy socks and boots, the scarves, the pumpkin spice everything, the apple cider … I can’t think off one thing I don’t like.

And I’m sure we’ve all seen the plethora of fall bucket lists on Pinterest and Tumblr, but  I thought it would be fun to create my own fall bucket list and then after Thanksgiving do a follow up post!

  • Go hiking once a week. Once winter comes, I’m pretty much bundled in until spring, so I want to soak in as much nature as I can. Plus I need to annoy people with an obnoxious amount of autumn foliage Snapchats.
  • Go pumpkin picking. Or to a hayride. Really just go to a farm and do fall things. This sounds pretty standard, but I planned on doing this last year and didn’t get around to it, which I regretted. So I am going to actually make the time. I’m thinking Applewood Farm because it’s pretty famous around these parts.
  • Try a new coffee shop. I just found out that my favorite coffee shop, The Jaded Bean, just closed down, which was pretty heartbreaking, so I’m on the hunt for new places to try out. Bonus points if I try a fall drink that’s not a PSL.
  • Watch every Hallmark Channel Fall Harvest film. Again, one would think this wouldn’t be hard, but I did miss a few last year. The ones I saw were pretty cute though, so Hallmark hopefully brought their A-game again for this second year.
  • Read a book set in the fall. Obviously it’ll probably be a romance. But I read Christmas/winter novels galore during their season-appropriate time. Time to give the fall its literary love!
  • Visit the Clear Meadow Farms sunflower field. The sunflowers harvest in November, so I need to get to steppin’!
  • Go on a ghost tour. This is probably surprising to anyone who knows me since I’m scared of literally everything, but I like ghost tours! To me, they’re more about the history of a town than anything scary.
  • Attend a football game. I’m literally the worst at this. I liked going to homecoming every year in college, but I just sort of forgot every other game existed. But my sister’s in college at a Division 1 school, so I think it would be fun to go.

– T

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