Blogsgiving: Small Business Saturday

In 2011, American Express launched Small Business Saturday, a counter to Black Friday that promotes small business companies. Since then, many small businesses participate, and it has become an official day even outside of American Express. However, AMEX provides excellent PR for the small businesses that choose to promote through them.

Shopping small is often overlooked but extremely important to the local economy. Local businesses keep towns unique, keep more money within the town, and tend to pay better than the typical chains. I try to shop locally all year, but for people new to the concept, Small Business Saturday is a great time to get out there and explore what is in your own neighborhood. The AMEX website has a page to help with finding who is participating through a map. If you happen to be in the HarCo area, definitely take the time to check out my favorite store, Full Heart Soulutions. The women who own and run the store are delightful, and for a small space, the store holds a great deal, including many American made and Fair Trade products.

And in honor of Small Business Saturday I wanted to let you all know about this promo code from my small favorite soap company, Sea Essentials. There’s everything from Pokémon bath bomb to pumpkin pie soap, so you definitely want to take advantage of this discount.

– T


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