Blogsgiving: What I Ate on the Road

It’s that time of year again. That time in which I spent way too much of my life riding in  a truck, eating too much fast food, energetically talking over my family as we catch up on stories from the last holiday together. Christmas is my ultimate favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving definitely gives it a run for its money in my heart. And this week, I’m taking you all along with me.

As most of you know by now, in July I decided to go pescatarian with a two fish meals a week maximum. I made this change to reduce my carbon footprint as I used to be someone who ate meat daily but could eat meat up to three times a day. My choice in minimizing my fish crutch has really allowed me to be more adventurous with my foods and causing me to flirt a little bit with a plant-based diet. So I decided for my first long road trip, which unfortunately lasted longer than its usual twelve hours, that I would eat fully vegetarian.

I’m pretty much always hungry when I first wake up, so I brought an apple from home to tie me over before we officially stopped for breakfast. If it were up to me, though, we would have stopped for breakfast when we left at five haha. Around nine we took an exit that had a Burger King and a Sheetz. I ordered an oatmeal from BK without cream (that location didn’t put creamer in it at all though) and was a little disappointed that unlike McDonald’s or Starbucks I didn’t get fixins. That said, Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal tastes like childhood bliss. I kind of wanted to be lazy and just get a BK black coffee with room, but I decided to be a good environmentalist and take my KeepCup into Sheetz, especially since I put in the effort of packing Silk creamer. The cashier told me she’d never seen a cup like that and that it was adorable.

I will never not love instant oatmeal.


A few hours and half a bag of popcorn later, we stopped at McDonald’s. Everyone was super friendly and full of well-wishes on our travels, but they put the Canadian bacon on my McMuffin when I asked for just egg and cheese. I know most people on the veg spectrum would not have eaten the sandwich because it touched meat, but we had already left and that was too much waste to justify. So I just took it off.

Normally I love a good McMuffin, but this one was just alright. And sad little wasted piece of Canadian bacon.


We got stuck in the worst of traffic, so once we finally found a clearing, we did not stop for food until we arrived at my aunt’s. So that was four hours of decimating the remainder of the popcorn and trying to portion control the best trail mix I’ve ever eaten. Since we just dumped our stuff at the house then headed straight out, I included my dinner, which was a BK veggie burger, in the road trip. I ordered it without cheese, since for whatever reason the fast food cheese of the McMuffin earlier freaked me out, pickle, because I hate pickles, and mayo because I packed a jar that I just bought from Trader Joe’s. The veggie burger is I believe the Morning Star garden patty, which was good but could have been cooked longer. I also hate how BK’s lettuce is perpetually soggy. But I have to give it to them for even having a veggie burger option unlike pretty much everyone else.

Thank you Trader Joe’s Vegan Spread & Dressing for blessing my garden burger.

So vegetarian options are not so abundant in the drive-thru world, but starve I shall not. However, I’ll probably make sure I have an emergency PB&J for future trips.


– T


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