My first serious venture back into blogging since my middle school Xanga years (how’s that for a throwback?) all began with a “natural” products blog. I sort of started an audition blog a year or so ago, but once you’re cast in a show, what do you blog about? So anyway, I really started to get serious about my “natural” blog until I realized how heavily propaganda and semantics play into the “natural” movement and also learned that sustainability and environmental safety were the standards to which I wanted to hold my beauty products. However, as someone who is a) a creature of habit and b) not a big cosmetic shopper, that blog slowed down to almost nothing. Also, I began getting back into reading, particularly romance, and getting involved in the Goodreads world of sharing literary experiences. Suddenly I realized I would never be able to keep up with a blog if I left everything separate. I am an actress. I am a huge advocate for sustainable and fair trade shopping and cosmetics. I am a bookworm. I love cooking. All of these characteristics and more are what make up the curious, passionate, and opinionated me, so instead of wearing multiple blogger hats, I’ve decided it’s time to consolidate and be true to myself.



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